Joost Geurtsen

Head of Global Brand Partnerships, Insight TV
Joost Geurtsen (36) graduated as a (new) media scientist at the University of Utrecht and started an early career in television and digital media. Representing the first generation of digital natives in a (back then) merely linear and traditional industry, his area of expertise has always been the ‘twilight zone’ between new and traditional media. Starting with the first digital extensions and social platforms around TV shows, he gained a rich experience and expertise in multichannel storytelling over the years. In the past decade, he made his career in a rapidly changing media landscape to a point, where entertainment brands are so much more than ‘just’ TV shows and television is only one of the many components in the complete media mix.
During a 3 years career side-path, he worked as a digital consultant in the PR industry. It was here where he first discovered the power and possibilities of branded content and branded storytelling. After his move to Endemol Shine, the world’s largest independent TV production company, he put this experience to use to develop native branded entertainment concepts and creative sponsor integrations in new and existing formats. Working on both digital first and tv first formats, he was always on a mission to find the sweet spot between native entertainment and branded content. His main goal was to transform the involvement of a ‘necessary evil’ to a sustainable business with added value.
The past 7 years, Joost worked as a Creative Director in Endemol Shine’s commercial partnerships department at their global headquarters in Amsterdam and London. Together with brand marketeers and creatives from all over the world, he developed and executed multi-territory branded entertainment projects and managed partnerships with both consumer brands as social networks.
As Head of Global Brand Partnerships at Insight TV, Joost will use both his commercial and creative skills to bring branded entertainment and sponsorships to a next level.