Leo Rayman

CEO, Grey Consulting
Leo leads Grey Consulting worldwide, a new kind of strategic advisory firm destined to disrupt the Management Consultancies. Their killer combination is deep commercial rigour with bold creative thinking at the speed of a start-up.

Working at the intersection of the management consulting and creative agency worlds - of ‘left and right’ brain styles - they use a Wholebrain methodology to transform businesses, cultures, brands, products and services.

Grey Consulting operates globally with offices in London, New York, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

Leo has represented the voice of the creative industry in the House of Lords, on Sky News, in the business press. He is a speaker and author (The Innovation Handbook).

Prior to this Leo reinvigorated the world-famous Grey London creative agency as CEO after a management breakaway in 2016.

Other career milestones include;
- turning-around a regional Strategic Planning function
- founding a social media business
- establishing a Consumer Strategy department for a European PR firm
- launching an agency's first UX R&D team in the late 90's