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After a successful launch in April 2017, Brand Film Festival London will be returning to London for a second year to celebrate the best of brand storytelling throughout Europe.

As it becomes harder to reach audiences through traditional media, innovative brands and agencies are transforming the marketing business with the use of brand films. A branded content film begins with an exceptional collaboration with a filmmaker with the ambition to deliver a visually powerful story that subtly delivers the brands message.

Supported by industry leading brands PRWeek and Campaign, the two-part festival will host an afternoon of thought provoking content sessions into the growing industry of new advertising followed by an evening cinematic showcase, where we will award the best in the industry.

2018 will see more content, more lights, more camera, and more action! Join us to celebrate the best of brand storytelling in the industry.

The event


Hawker House, Canada St, London SE16 7PJ, is a short walk from the closest underground station, Canada Water. 

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Timings of the event are as follows: 

13.00 - Registration and Lunch

13.30 - Content programme starts

18.45 - Content programme wraps up/Evening only guests arrive

19.30 - Cinematic showcase of winning videos and Awards ceremony

             Dinner, drinks and networking

23.30 - Close


Early Bird Rates (expires 22 March)

Day and Evening 
Individual Tickets £269
Groups of 5+ £229

Evening Only
Individual Tickets £219
Groups of 5+ £199

Standard Rates (from 23 March)

Day and Evening 
Individual Tickets £299
Groups of 5+ £259

Evening Only
Individual Tickets £249
Groups of 5+ £229

All prices exclude VAT.

Content Programme

13:30 Welcome to Brand Film Festival 2018 

13:40 Opening Keynote: to be confirmed 
Hear from a leading industry figure who commissioned and managed some of the most successful programmes on television and see what it takes to be a leading creative in the arts and film industry. 

14:00 TheLADbible - Storytelling 101 
TheLADbible is the home of entertainment, viral video, trending content and the latest news. FInd out from the managing director of the LADbible's in-house content management agency on how the best storytelling brands are narrating their stories and tips on going viral. 
Ian Richardson, Managing Director, Joyride, LADbible Group

14:20 Build Brand Recognition with PR 
 It’s 2018, but are you ready to film your brand or... brand your film? Last year, our guests recognised that the PR industry is “nimble and quicker at understanding how the news cycle works when compared to the advertising industry, which is more focused on the creative elements of a brand film”. This year, understand why and how brand films should be “treated like art, rather than part of a marketing campaign”. 

14:40 Forget Millennials, what about the post millennials (Gen Z)?
Generations are changing; brands are ever forever competing; but who are we competing for now? Gen Z are seen as ‘millennials on steroids’ and are constantly demanding more from technology. How do brands deliver content that keeps the ‘iGeneration’ engaged? 

15:00 Refreshment Break 

15:20 The importance of going vertical for brand film 
In 2018, if you are not making your brand video in vertical, you should have a very good reason why. Vertical started as a need, driven by consumer habits, and has become the window through which we perceive reality. In this presentation, Nespresso and Userfarm show how vertical video is no longer an amateur mistake to be derided by film professionals, but is now a respected filmic art form that has immense power for brands and is fast becoming the dominant format for brand video. 
Jeffrey Lee, Chief Marketing Officer, Userfarm 
Alfonso Gonzalez, Chief Marketing Officer, Nespresso 
Nicolas Duplaix, Head of Global Sponsorship and Events, Nespresso 

15:40 Human Anatomy - How are we behaving to branded content?
 Learn lessons from neuroscience and psychology that could transform your storytelling - Hear from a leading expert on how the human brain turns life events into dramatic narratives using examples of great stories from fiction, non-fiction and screenwriting.  
Shruti Veeramachineni, Creative Director, Gravity Road 

16:00 Creative/Crafted Workshops 
Join BFF UK special hosts in a series of workshops where you’ll have the choice of joining a creative or crafted interactive session. 

17:00 Refreshment Break 

Join Brand Film Festival UK presenters in a series of storytelling presentations where we’ve challenged each speaker to race against the clock with only one slide per minute and a maximum of 20 minutes. 

IGNITE: #CondomHero – Durex & World AIDS Day 2017
In partnership with UNILAD to create a provocative piece of branded content targeting 18-24 year olds; Durex worked together with Premier Comms to show how branded content can be used as a part of a wider integrated public awareness campaign. 
Lawrence Francis, Director - Client Strategy, Premier Comms 
Ben Crawley, GBMM Equity Durex & KY, RB Global 
Mariya Tarakanova, Category Manager - Wellbeing, RB UK 

More IGNITE sessions to be confirmed 

Please note that the programme is subject to change. Please contact for speaking opportunities.


Venue - Hawker House

This year's Brand Film Festival London will be taking place on Wednesday 2 May 2018 at Hawker House- Canada St, London SE16 7PJ.


Here are the 2018 Brand Film Festival London Judges

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