Celebrating the best of brand storytelling

On Wednesday 1 May 2019 the third edition of Brand Film Festival London took place at Hawker House, London to celebrate the best of brand storytelling throughout Europe. 


Filmmakers, creatives, marketing professionals and brand leaders alike were all present and came together for a day of insight, learning and celebration on what makes a visually powerful brand film.


Throughout the day, industry experts joined us for case studies and panel discussions, where attendees had the opportunity to not only learn about what it takes to create an outstanding brand film but also how best to amplify and distribute the content to different audiences and age groups.


At the end of each content stream we showcased this year’s finalists and announced the 2019 officially selected the Best of the Best winners. 

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Brand Film Festival 2019 highlights

Images from this year's Brand Film Festival

Winners 2019

Congratulations to all of this year's Brand Film Festival London winners!

Brand Film Festival 2019 Programme

11:00 Registration and refreshments

11:30 Opening remarks and welcome


11:35 The business case for diversity in brand film
The push for diversity in filming is gaining momentum. There is a movement to assist the historically underrepresented talent to gain exposure. Over the years diversity representation has evolved. Brands have made a conscious effort to incorporate minority groups into the story-making process. We highlight examples of brands seeing tangible business benefits of having diverse teams behind the lense.
Tanja Adams, Founding Partner, Another Production

11:55 Creating the future; brand film after 2020
From marketing changes to social media evolution and innovation in film production, which technological developments will have the biggest impact on how brand films will be produced and distributed over the coming years?
Moderator: Andrew Canter, Global CEO, BCMA
Nick Ford-Young, Head of Studio, Studio Black Tomato
Jules Heynes, Director, The Story Board
Jeremy Kolesar, Creative Director, DCM Studios
Debra Gerrard, EMEA Creative Director, LEGO

12:35 Filmmaking true to the craft
Anyone and everyone can make content. So what does that mean for filmmaking and the brands who want to connect with audiences through film? How do you make content that is digitally native, provokes thought or challenges people to think differently? And why the changing landscape provides new ways to tell your story so people want to listen.
Arthur Lewin, Director, Ecstasy of Gold
Ella Tomlin Kedge, Head of Creative, Ecstasy of Gold

12:55 Showcase and awards
Throughout the day we will holding cinematic showcases of the shortlisted films and awarding them with a bronze, silver or gold status.
Craft award categories being showcased and announced;
Best performance
Best post-production
Best director
Best performance
Best screenplay
Foreign Language
Not-for-profit / Giving back

13:15 Networking lunch


13:50 Using brand film to amplify your corporate purpose
For brands to distinguish themselves as social change makers, they must connect with larger social, economic and environmental trends. A good number of brands have latched themselves to powerful movements. How can film help brands tap into - or lead - these movements without appearing cynical or opportunistic?
Moderator:Joost Geurtsen​, Head of Global Brand Partnerships, Insight TV
Jamie Credland, SVP Client Strategy & Marketing, The Economist Group
Klare Kennett, Assistant Director External Relations, Marketing and Communications, RSPCA
Kate McCutchen, Head of UK Marketing, Square
Leila Mountford, Creative Director, LEWIS

14:30 Using brand film to create emotional connection: Neuroscience meets film making on set
This session will explore the role of emotional engagement in brand film production. Attention would be drawn to the application of research and neuroscience in decision making process to maximise audience impact, resulting in unique and captivating brand films.
Heather Andrews, Founder and CEO, UK, Neuro Insights
Sophie Bell, Managing Director, Lonelyleap

14:50 Optimising Branded Entertainment For Your Audience
Search for that optimal place where brand values, cultural relevance and consumer needs / demands come together in the most logical way. How can we identify those sweet spots? Which tools, metrics or data can we use? How do we find the right story for our audience versus finding the right audience for your story?
Joost Geurtsen​, Head of Global Brand Partnerships, Insight TV

15:10 Showcase and awards
Throughout the day we will holding cinematic showcases of the shortlisted films and awarding them with a bronze, silver or gold status.
Creative award categories being showcase and announced;
Brand documentary
Branded programme
Funniest Film
Most emotional film

15:40 Refreshment break


16:10 The Strength of Numbers: using data to create more compelling and effective brand films
How can data make your brand film soar? We hear from data scientists and creative strategists.
Moderator: Luke Toyne, Executive Producer, Maker Projects
Ben Bale, Creative Innovation Director, Drum
Leo Rayman, CEO, Grey Consulting
Ben Shaw, Head of Strategy, BBH

16:40 Using influencers in brand film
What are the downsides and advantages of relinquishing total control and working with social Media stars. How important is it to have control in front of audiences?
Klaudia Liubinskas – Director of Sales &Partnerships, Studio71
Joel Conder – Dad V Girls, leading Family channel influencer

17:00 Amplifying and distributing your brand film
The evolution of the distribution landscape and the saturation of social media means that filmmakers must be innovative in bringing content to the right audiences, at the same time optimising engagement and commercial returns. Social media is used as distribution channel but how do companies extract a few minutes of content and deem it acceptable for social media distribution? In addition to this, what role does content amplification play? And to what extent do brands need to amplify their content? This panel will focus on various ways branded content can be distributed and amplified successfully using social media, connecting with audiences online and offline and establish unfamiliar ways of distributing content.
Moderator:Melissa Chapman, Chief Content Officer, Jungle Creations
Samantha Fay, SVP Global Brand Strategy, Guinness World Records
Dabasree Dasgupta, Global Brand Director, Reckitt Benckiser
Oliver Francis, Head of Creative- Campaigns, Sky Creative Agency
Laura Street, Head of Content Social Media and PR, Collect+

17:30 Showcase and awards
Throughout the day we will holding cinematic showcases of the shortlisted films and awarding them with a bronze, silver or gold status.
Effectiveness award categories being showcase and announced;
Consumer goods
Issues and crisis management
Music and entertainment
Public affairs

17:55 Refreshment break

18:20 Closing Keynote- Will Gompertz
Drawn from the experience of writing his book, Think Like An Artist, Will talks about how harnessing creativity can yield greater productivity. By identifying key lessons we can learn from the greatest artists across history, from Da-Vinci to Ai Weiwei, and drawing on interviews with leading contemporary artists who are using smart-thinking to become not just brilliant artists but brilliant business people too, Will encourages you to unlock your inner artist, celebrate your creativity and become more profitable as a result.

18:45 Best of the Best winners announcement and closing remarks
We will be awarding a select few films from across the Festival as our Best of the Best in this closing ceremony.

19:10 Networking dinner and drinks

22:00 Bars close

23:00 Event close

2019 Speakers

Global CEO
Ecstasy of Gold
Creative Innovation Director
Head of Strategy
Reckitt Benckiser
Global Brand Director
EMEA Creative Director
Ecstasy of Gold
Head of Creative
Neuro-Insight UK
Founder and CEO
The Economist Group
SVP Client Strategy & Marketing
DCM Studios
Creative Director
Insight TV
Head of Global Brand Partnerships
The Story Board
Head of UK Marketing
Assistant Director External Relations, Marketing and Communications
Director of Sales & Partnerships
Collect +
Head of Content Social Media and PR
Creative Director
Grey Consulting
Maker Projects
Executive Producer
Jungle Creations
Chief Content Officer
Studio Black Tomato
Head of Studio
Sky Creative Agency
Head of Creative- Campaigns
Guinness World Records
Senior Vice President – Global Brand Strategy
Lonely Leap
Managing Director
Another Production
Founding Partner
Arts Editor

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